Descending from cattle brought to the new world by Spanish explorers in the late 1400’s, the Texas Longhorn flourished in the harsh climates of what is now South West U.S. and Northern Mexico. Ranging freely in the wild for over 400 years, they adapted and survived the harsh living conditions and went on to become the chosen breed for early ranchers. The Longhorn breed at one time helped save the Texas state economy, yet today is considered a Critically Endangered species on the Livestock Conservancy’s Conservation priority list. There is a lot of information on the internet about the current status and history of the Longhorn breed. If you would like to learn more about their history and the current state of the breed, I recommend reading the Livestock Conservancy website.

If you are not able to start a herd of your own Texas Longhorns, you can still help us save a breed by finding a local producer and buying  Lean Texas Longhorn beef. It is with the support of consumers like you that we can continue our work in helping to save this breed from extinction.

Red Rock Longhorn Ranch Certified Texas Longhorn Beef

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NO antibiotics

NO steroids

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